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Free Form Peyote Bracelet

Jewelry, rubber stamps, paintings, drawings, assemblages, collages and art journals are just a small part of the Moosewinks eclectic collection.


Maine artist and teacher Barb Berry has been creating art for many, yes many years! As a child in the sixties she was exposed to colorful art, artsy people and beaded things! Her parents encouraged her artistic interests, enrolled her in drawing and painting classes, took her to art museums and proudly displayed her creations. (There is something to be said for parents who encourage their children in their abilities!)


Today Barb shares her love of making art with middle school students and saves a bit of energy to continue her own art making.


This site is a glimpse into the many pieces Barb has created. Her work has been displayed in art exhibits and galleries on the East Coast from the Mid Atlantic and as far north as the New England states.


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